LinkedIn Case Study: When do you believe that Business Travel will return to 2019 levels?

LinkedIn Case Study: When do you believe that Business Travel will return to 2019 levels?

Steve recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn, discussing when the LinkedIn Community believes that Business Travel will return to 2019 levels.

On this blog, Steve went into detail discussing how GBTA did an article about “Global Business Travel Spending is Coming Back”, the article states that Inflation, energy prices, supply chain challenges, labour shortages, and regional developments resulted in updating their forecast on when business travel will return to 2019 levels, from the end of 2024, to mid 2026.

Steve decided this would be the best opportunity to discuss with the LinkedIn Community about when will Business Travel to return to 2019 levels.

The results of the poll were:

2024 – 45%
2025 – 40%
2026 – 14%

An astounding 85% believe that business travel will return sooner than mid 2026, as the article suggested. The poll created some great comments and feedback, thank you to Roberto Medrano and Elisa S. for your comments and passion. As we also got to see the different opinions outside the poll too.

As we know, since the pandemic began in March of 2020 and throughout the last 2.5 years, we’ve heard very prominent business leaders say, that business travel will NEVER return to 2019 levels.

Now as the world is starting to open back up, the industry is in the midst of a global labour shortage crisis, the likes we have never seen before, and the upcoming headwinds, that were mentioned in the article, i.e. a recession, and the overall passion & positivity that the industry has shown numerous times.

We have full confidence that the Travel & Hospitality industry will come roaring back, but it will be a long and painful process.

We encourage any and all comments and feedback (positive and negative) about your thoughts on this blog/post and would appreciate any shares.


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