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Understanding that many industries across the globe are facing a major labour shortage, Idecided to conduct my first poll on LinkedIn, as it pertains to professional email etiquette;specifically, when a response is expected. I asked the following question: “Have your expectations changed because of the pandemic, and global labour shortage?”Here are the results of the survey, based on 56 responses:When sending or receiving an email to/from a customer, with a call to action, what is yourexpected timeline for a first response? Within 1 business day? 66% Within 2 business days? 29% Over 2 business days? 5% A couple of comments I received based on the results stated, “If you get your email to me before 2pm I expect to respond same day. If it’s after that probablystill same day but no later than mid morning the following day.” “I like to look at it (a day) as within 24 hours.…

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